Warted Squash Fairy House Wax Warmer


The Warted Squash Fairy House will add charm and good scents to your home all year round!


Not just for Fall Fairies, this Warted Squash Fairy House Wax Warmer will look great year round. The second floor top removes to reveal the wax basin. It can hold several wax cubes or an entire tart. A bricked opening in the back allows you to insert and light a tealight to melt your wax.

I recommend using with the lid on. When done so a small amount of steam will curl out of the chimney stem adding to the sweet imagery of a functioning home. When the tea light goes out there is no need to remove the wax. The lid will keep dust and hair out of your wax so the same cube can be reused over and over again.

The basin is glazed and sealed so warming oils and fragrances may be used as well.

Fairy House is approximately 7.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide with the lid on. The basin holds up to 1.5 oz (wax cubes are generally .4 oz per cube).

Item will become hot while in use, please do not handle while a candle is lit inside.  If wax needs to be replaced, wait at least 10 minutes after the tea light has been extinguished to grasp the sides of the bottom and pour the old wax out. We always recommend using a towel to hold the base and pour out hot wax to not burn yourself.

Warted Squash Fairy House Wax Warmer


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