We are a team of two people, partners in everything: Teri and Jason.

Teri is the founder and lead artist. She creates the bulk of the product you know and love, designing it, throwing it, and sculpting it. Teri also runs the social media and the twitch stream.

Jason is the right hand man, he builds everything (from workstations, to booth displays, etc.) He also is our in house ‘painter’ glazing most items that come out of the bisque kiln.

Founder and Lead Artist: Teri

I’ve always loved working with my hands.

I’ve been a huge origami fanatic since I was a kid . I loved making little critters out of whatever I could get my hands on; paper, play-doh, silly putty, etc.

I started working with clay in ceramics class back in my sophomore year of high school. It was a wonderful class that had an open curriculum that allowed me to make virtually anything I wanted.

It was there that my creativity truly blossomed and since then it has continued to grow and stretch the boundaries of what can be done with ceramics.

I’ve always been a whimsical kind of person and that style is reflected in much of what I make. My  two biggest inspirations are nature (in all of its majestic and wonderful forms), and fantasy works (be it fiction, movies, or other fantasy art).