Sorry we missed our Maker’s Monday post this week.  Jason and I had family in town from the weekend that we were spending some time with. We will have another one this coming Monday starting our series on applying to festivals! Also, I am very excited to announce that we are going to be streaming on Twitch again starting tomorrow! I don’t have a concrete schedule yet, so if you are interested in watching us work like and chatting with us make sure to sign up for our newsletter and select Live Stream Notifications. Onto the tutorial!

(And yes, I did write this while watching the Thordak battle on Critical Role for you fellow nerds out there)

Using Press Molds

If you followed last weeks blog we showed you how to make your own press mold. This week we will show you how to use a press mold. If you don’t want to make your own press mold you may always purchase some. There are some that are sold commercially but the designs are limited so I recommend making your own!

1. Review Your Mold

Look at your mold and see if there are any areas that you need to take care of when using the mold. I am going to demo our Lovebug mold that we make into magnets. You can see there is a raised heart on its bum. If I pull the mold off the wrong way it will tear the heart detail off.

2. Make Marks.

If your mold needs to be removed in a certain way, mark it on the back side so you remember. Draw a little arrow with a sharpie to remind you.

3. Press In Clay.

Get a piece of wet clay a little bigger than the impression you need to make and press it into the mold.

4. Flip the mold over and press firmly into your wood board.

5. Remove Mold

Follow any area marks you have to pull the mold off the clay. It should release easily.  If it does not, try coating the inside of the mold in corn starch before you use it again.

6. Remove Excess.

Using a ball point or blade tool, cut off the excess clay around the perimeter. I prefer a ball point tool.

7. Clean Up.

Using a small brush and water, clean up and smooth out any marks from the mold.

8. Presto!

You are done.  Addition details and sculpting can always be done at this point.  You can either fire your new item as an individual piece or you can use it as decoration and add it to something larger!

Hope you enjoyed! Send us requests for next weeks tutorial!

Until next Thursday…

Thu-torial: Using Press Molds
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